Featured Testimonial

Andrew and Kim, Leesburg, VA

Before this experience, we thought all agents were the same. Steve took us through the whole process from preparation to being on the market, educating us on the competition, determining the right position, and getting us to closing. During the process we saw his care with the professional photography, marketing, and negotiating on our behalf. All of this made us stand out in the market, which made all the difference. The word that comes to mind is excellent and we would definitely recommend Steve. 

Jason and Anna, Sterling, VA

Anna Kwun Speicher and I are officially jumping into the home ownership arena. We love the home Steve McIlvaine helped us find. Home inspection still to be done, but this is a house I'd never thought we could get, Steve made it happen. We had a lower number than another offer and Steve's excellence in preparing things made our offer stand out with a lower number. Pretty amazing all around. He helped Anna and my different tastes meld into one. He was patient with us throughout the process. Excited for the move.

Loida H, Woodbridge, VA

 Helpful in every process.

Dana of Sterling, VA

I really liked that Steve kept on top of all issues and followed up on them.  He is detail-oriented which I greatly appreciated.  Even though the inspection process was a rocky, I really appreciated Steve continually staying in contact with the seller’s agent and keeping me informed of the status.  Even when Steve was on vacation he stayed on top of the issues.  I would recommend Steve to a potential home buyer.

Sarita, Los Angeles, CA

I would highly recommend Steve. He really works tirelessly and consistently with his clients to meet their needs. His willingness to communicate regularly, be available on a consistent basis and provide honest guidance was excellent. Without him, my condo would probably still be sitting on the market.

Ryan and Briet, Falls Church, VA

We were really blessed by your service and helpful nature.  Thank you especially for caring enough to continue checking up on us. 

Rick R from Herndon, VA

Steve is the kind of realtor who will go the extra mile for his clients. He's dependable, detail oriented, knowledgeable, and a go getter. If you want a realtor who is focused on you and not his commission, Steve is your guy!

Garrett H. Sterling, VA

When I learned that Steve bought a rental property a few years ago it planted a seed that I might be able to do the same. Last year, I sought out Steve's advice when my wife and I were considering turning our home into a rental property. He shared some crucial pieces of advice that helped us make our investment decision with confidence. We are now generating an income from that rental property. We are so grateful for his expertise.